What our Clients Say

"The interviews went off without a hitch. Thank you again for working so diligently to pull this off. I really appreciate it and I know the clients were pleased." Client, April 2012

"Montreal went so nice and smoothly. 9/9 excellent docs, great schedule, no stress. Thanks so much."

Client, March 2014

More respondents than I would have thought possible. Nice going so far. Looks like we've already hit the goal for the Toronto facility viewed sessions with several days of recruiting left to go (any more facility viewed sessions are certainly still welcome/encouraged). You got more respondents from the client's priority list than I'd have thought possible – they're going to be pleased. Senior Research Manager, Ipsos Health, Nov 5, 2009

Senior Research Manager, Ipsos Health, April 2008

Thanks for all your hard work to keep us on track – you are a key part of our business.

Client, Dec 2013

The project went very well, thank you. In fact, we presented the results this morning! Many thanks for all your hard work in helping make this study a success.

Client, October 2009

We had all the participants show. They were all great; they were engaged in the topic and enjoyed the research. The client was pleased with the variety of the recruit we had for this research. Thanks Andrew, your effort in the quality of recruiting was greatly appreciated.

Client, November 2009

The interviews went off without a hitch. Thank you again for working so diligently to pull this off. I really appreciate it and I know the clients were pleased.

Client, April 2012​

A major load off my shoulders! This recruit looks great, truly excellent! We have a nice range of hospitals represented and the recruit is virtually complete with several days to spare, which is a major load of my shoulders. And we're are being very efficient with the time spent in facility.

Client, April 2013

The groups went really well. The client was very happy, so was an excellent recruit. Thank you for the great job. Here's a comment from Carla: Great recruiting on all 3 groups. Please extend a big thank you to our recruiter on this one. The client said they were the best groups they've seen, and the recruiting was key.

Client, Dec 2008

Thanks for doing a great job on this project for us, even better that you have come in under budget. I'm really pleased it all fell into place in the end –and it's all down to you and your team so thank you for that. We aren't your only client so your dedication and time spent on our project is really appreciated –and astounding!!

Client, December 2011

Help with a difficult recruit: We asked you last minute to help with a very difficult recruit and you were more than willing to help. We very much appreciate that.

Client, June 2013

A really top notch job. Fantastic recruit tonight, a 10/10, all the clients were talking about it. Younger, older, men, women, Asians, Caucasians, all on time and very well spoken, and I only recognized two faces, the rest were new to me. Thank you for a really top notch job.

Client, March 2013

Many thanks for all your hard work. The project went very well, thank you. In fact, we presented the results this morning! Many thanks for all your hard work in helping make this study a success.

Client, October 2009

The respondents were great. Thank you for following up. It was good to meet you this morning – thank you for coming along. The respondents were great. Generous with their time and all arrived early. Comments were very useful and 2 demonstrated great patience (and help!) when the links didn't work!

Emma Newman, Moderator, August 2009​

Full attendance today again. Just a quick message to confirm that we again had full attendance today. The caliber of the respondents has been great and something I've been very impressed by, so thank you very much for that.

Independent Moderator, September 2009

The project is already fully booked. I've been doing up my schedule for next week and noticed that the project is already fully booked for Toronto. That's awesome – having it complete a few days in advance is really nice in terms of keeping me organized. Makes life so much easier. Nice going.

Senior Research Manager, Ipsos Health, June 2009

Brilliant job all around, Andrew. Perfect! I loved the mix of gender, age, and ethnicities. All were on time and on spec. The client was extremely pleased. In fact, the client fell in love with the OBGYN, 10 years of experience, 5 pm interview in Montreal. She was absolutely lovely and very enthusiastic and highly expressive. ….They want to hire her to present the new concepts to their field team. Great work, Andrew!

Client September 2010

We really appreciate the excellent work you did on this project, which was smooth from start to finish. Although we had a relatively short turnaround on the project and fairly strict recruiting criteria, we were never in doubt that you could fully recruit the job for us, on spec and on time. In this business, having a reliable recruiter that you trust to deliver is invaluable. Everything depends on the right recruit with reliable respondents. Thanks for your hard work and commitment to our study. We would not hesitate to recommend Sharper Insights for quality healthcare recruiting.

Client, Dec 2008

Just wanted to comment that these 2 Derms were a delight to interview. Awesome recruit for our needs.

Client, Jan 2011

First interview has just completed and it was marvelously conducted [by your moderator]. Really a perfect interview. She is one of the 3 best moderators I've ever seen.

Client, November 2011

Thanks a lot for the recruitment. I will let you know the final status after we finish up the Montreal interviews. So far there has not been a single no-show and we have had high quality respondents. I appreciate the effort, efficiency and speed with which you recruited. Thanks a lot!

Research Associate, Ipsos Health, March 2011

Really surprising to see so many new faces in the sessions. It was amazing that you were able to get people to come from so far away… wondering why other recruiters don't do this. Nice work.

Senior Research Manager, Ipsos Health, April 2008

You have always done an exceptional job.

Senior Research Manager, Ipsos Health, Aug 2008

We greatly appreciate all your effort in this project. Thank you so much for being so accommodating to our needs. I would highly recommend you to all my coworkers (both the US and EU) whenever we need any market research in Canada.

Client September 2010

It was an excellent recruit tonight. The client was really pleased with the quality of the respondents and that they all showed, and were on time.

Client, December 2009

The groups were successful and the respondents were amazing (per strategist). I want to thank you for your flexibility and efforts on this project. I know we changed the start dates/locations a couple of times, and this H1N1 issue was an added difficulty for you, but you managed to make the most of it anyway with little time on hand.

Client, November 2009

The fact that you were able to recruit 45 doctors from the priority list is amazing – I never thought we'd get so many based on those lists. I am stunned. Your extra work was was worth the effort – this will make us look very good in front of the client. Overall I'm very pleased with the work you've done for us.

Senior Research Manager, Ipsos Health, Dec 2009